Global Internet Fortunes (GIF) is a web hosting and online marketing company that markets and sell its services through the concept of Network marketing.

GIF is a legitimate company that operates both locally and internationally. The following details can be used as proof of GIF’s existence.

GIF is licensed by the Communication Authority of Kenya ( CAK) which is a government board that is in charge of ICT in Kenya. They are responsible for licenses of Telecommunication, Media and Electronic Commerce (E-commerce) companies.

And lastly we are also license by Kenya Network Information Centre (KENIC). KENIC is the entity charged with the management and registration of the local Kenyan domain extension the .ke 

Some examples of the local extension are:

  • – for Companies
  • – for Not-for-Profit-Making Organisations or NGO’s
  • – for Network Devices
  • – for Government Entities(Requires Supporting Documents)
  • – for Institutions of Higher Educations.( Requires Supporting Documents)
  • – for Lower and Middle Institutes of Learning. (Requires Supporting Documents)
  • – for Personal names
  • – for Mobile content
  • – for Information

And for more information on which domain extension would suite you kindly visit the link to learn more

GIF markets or move its service using a very powerful mode of marketing called Network Marketing. Marketing is simply the movement of a product or service from the manufacture or provider to the consumer. So the people who are causing a product or service to move are engaging in what we call “marketing”

Network Marketing is basically when a person refers a client to purchase a certain product or service of a company that he or she is representing.

In Network Marketing you first become a customer of a product or service then you go ahead and recommend a customer to use the same service that your using.  When you do this the company will pay you a commission for reselling their services.

GIF offer web hosting and online marketing services to the local and international market. These services can be used to grow your business , organization or a personal brand online.

The cost of these services are 55$(USD)  or 5,500 ksh for the first time purchase of the package followed by subsequent subscriptions of 35$(3,500ksh) per month


The services are offered as a package and they are:

– Domain registration

– Web hosting space

– Blogs/websites

– Online marketing tools

– Email marketing tools

– Re-seller license

How you earn money as a GIF Customer

You can use your website to grow your business online by marketing  your own products or services through your website. This means that a people would be in a position to view what your offering through your website and make a purchase from any locations of the country, continent or world and it can be delivered to them.

 The advantage of promoting your business online are:

-You will be able to access a wider market area which means you will be able to sell your products or services to many customers making more profit for your business.

-You will also be able to save up on cost of running and expanding your business.

-You will be able to grow your business and reach out to more customers at at a faster rate through social media marketing and online marketing.

If you don’t have a business that you can promote online you can choose to market other people’s  product or services by running their adverts on your website and in return they will compensate you according to the agreement you have made with the person or company.

Lastly, you can becoming a professional blogger by build traffic to your own website by blogging about niches that your passionate about e.g. politics, sports, business, news updates, technology and fashion trends.

The niches should captivate your targeted audience. After finding the niche that is suitable, you can drive traffic to your website from social media platforms. This can be done by posting articles from your website on the social networks. You can also run social media campaigns to get more traffic. Alternatively you can hire a digital marketing company to do all the hard tasks for you. By doing this you will be building your own brand and companies  can hire you to promote their products.

How you earn money as an GIF agent

Agent is basically a re-seller of the GIF Services. The agents earns when they make a direct sale or leverage from their team that they have build over time.

Their 3 way of earning money as a GIF Agent.

  • Customer Referral Bonus (CRB) – $20(2,000ksh)

It is a Commission payable when an agent makes a new direct sale.

Please note that only the inviter or referrer earns the CRB. You can refer as many customers as possible and for each customer that purchases the GIF web hosting package you will be compensated a whopping 20$


You go out and got 3 customer. 3 *20$(CRB)=60$ (6,000ksh)

By just making 3 sales you have already recovered your investment and you are running your business at a profit.

2) Matching Bonus 5$

In network marketing, everyone should focus on building a team. The team will not only help the individual leverage but also offer him/her the opportunity to earn more. Therefore as a network marketer, you should help those under you to build their network.

By simply helping your down-line to build their own network/team you earn matching bonus from your Level 2-Level 5 of your network.



Level 1-  3*20=60$ (once you get your 3 help them get their 3 customers)

-And you will have 9 customers in your Level 2 Network.

Level 2- 9*5$=45$

-The deeper you build your team the better so as you work 3 to support the 9customers to get customers you will have 27 in your Level 3 Network.

Level 3- 27*5$=135$

As the 27 also get their 3 you will have 81customers in Level 4 Network.

Level 4- 81*5$=405$

Lastly as your network keeps growing and the 81 customers get their 3 you will have 243 customers in your Level 5 Network.

Level 5- 243*5$=1215$

The cumulative income that you would have earned from matching bonus from your Level 2 – Level 5 is 45$+135$+405$+1215$=1,800$ (180,000ksh)


3) Renewals 2$ from Level 1  Level 10

It’s well illustrated on the pay plan below

As your building your business your building it for yourself to achieve your goals and dreams but your not in business by yourself cause in network marketing or GIF we work as a team. Network Marketing is not a selfish business and for you to succeed in this industry or GIF you need to support the people that you bring on board by guiding them through how everything works.

Also you need to understand that you don’t need to sell the world on the GIF opportunity for you to succeed in it, all you need to do is look for 3 serious individuals who are willing to work with you towards financial freedom.

You inviter or sponsor will play a key role towards your success cause he or she will be coaching, supporting and guiding you on how to build your team or network.

The 3* 10 matrix won’t be filled by your efforts alone but also your inviters efforts and team the that you build. All you need to do is focus on getting 3 people in your Level 1 network and coaching them on how to get 3 customer. The 3 customers brought on board by your 3 customers will fall in your Level 2 network which will have 9 customers. As the network keeps growing in depth you will be able to make more money.

“You can get EVERYTHING you want I life, if you just HELP ENOUGH OTHERS get what they want.” – Zig Zigler

 How Spillovers work or team placement.



 As your building your business your only allowed to have 3 individuals in your Level 1 so when you get another direct sale you will earn 20$ (CRB) when they join your network, however they will placed in Level 2 in your network from the left to right. This is called forced team support making it easier to build a huge network in a short period of time hence earning more.


Lets say Mary has John, Mark and David and the 3 of them have been placed in her Level 1 network and she bring James as the forth customer. She will still earn 20$ (CRB) but James will be place under John who was first referral of Mary. The benefit of James being placed under John is he will earn renewal bonus of 2$ when James renews his subscription and will also earn for the team James builds. Yet John  wasn’t the one who was referred by James. That’s the advantage of spillovers. The team or levels will get filled much faster as everyone focuses on getting their 3 and helping them get 3 each.

Assume James builds a team of 200 customers.  Since all of them renew their subscriptions, James will earn 200*2$= 400$. John will earn 400$ and Mary will also earn cause James is in the Level 2  of her network.

So the more Spillovers that you create in your network the better it will enable you network to grow in depth and fill the 3*10 matrix much quicker as everyone duplicates the same.

NB: don’t wait for your sponsor (inviter) to give you spillovers. Focus creating as many as you can cause your (inviter) doesn’t determine we’re the extra people will be placed, it’s the system which will determine. The system will go filling the space or gaps in the network until the matrix is filled.


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GIF has enables individuals to accomplish their goal and dreams in a short period time.

Here’s Mr. Evans Mutea a university graduate who’s has been running his network marketing business for 2 years. From his efforts he rewarded himself with a Subaru Anesis

Mr. Alex Macharia is a teacher by profession, once he was exposed to the GIF Opportunity he left his teaching career to give his GIF business full attention and in a span of 1 year he has managed to buy himself a brand new Subaru Impreza.

Meet Mr. Ibrahim Arandi an Engineer by profession who has a passion for working online. He decide in advance he will never be employed after finishing his studies. So when he was exposed to the GIF Opportunity he didn’t hesitate to grab the opportunity and engage in GIF on a full-time basis. Working out his business for a span of 3 years he has accomplished a lot and one of those accomplishments is buying his first car a Subaru Impreza.

Meet Mr. Camillus Konjalo who used to work in an Insurance company. However, he wasn’t happy with the kind of salary that he was earning.  He was looking for other opportunities to engage in in order to earn extra income to supplement his current income. One day he came across the GIF Opportunity and was amazed by how much one can earn online.

His search had finally came to an end and decide to resign from his previous job and begun working on GIF opportunity on a full-time basis. Running the business for a span of 3 years he has accomplished a lot and on top of his accomplishment he has bought himself a brand new Toyota Fielder.

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